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Donate, give out water, give life

Nomadic shepherds that live in a place with only 3 or 4 days of rain a year have a difficult live and suffer endemic situations of hunger. Your help, big or small makes a great difference!!

KOKUSELEI is an isolated mountainous region located in northern Turkana, Kenya. It would take you at least a couple of days to get there (if you are lucky and the roads are accessible). 
The area is considered a semiarid land. The climate is dry and hot. It rains once a year and temperatures are uniform throughout the year, ranging from 28 to 39 degrees in the shade. 
The 265,357 inhabitants of Turkana North live in a situation of extreme poverty. The periodic droughts followed by famine cause the death of the animals (goats, donkeys and camels) of the families leading to the death or danger of the weakest sectors of the population: children, pregnant and elderly. The life expectancy is of less than 50 years with a mortality of children under 5 years of 220/1000. Hunger is the biggest problem affecting the Turkana, along with isolation and the almost total absence of all types of infrastructure, from roads to drinking water, health system and means of transport. In addition, the Turkana people are mostly nomadic shepherds who depend on their animals (goats and camels) to live. The long and successive periods of drought have been reducing the size of the cattle, being these often insufficient to provide for the sustenance of the family. 
This is why the Emalaikat Foundation has developed many projects in the area to provide concrete solutions to the needs of the population. The main objective of the Emalaikat Foundation is the construction of infrastructure to store rainwater: dams and wells, to guarantee that the population and the cattle (the basis of the local economy) have access to water, and to ensure the sustainability of nutrition, agriculture, health and development projects.
Kokuselei has, like all of us, suffered from the pandemic and the fear during this past year. We need your support now more than ever to continue carrying out our programmes and activities. 
Help us build a well for the community of Ekipetot: together we can ensure that the Turkana people have access to water during these difficult and uncertain times.

This video, shows the great difference that a borehole makes for the whole community: families, animals, visitors, etc. Don't doubt, any help means a great improvement in Turkana!


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