Banco Alimentare

Banco Alimentare




Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS coordinates and guides the Banco Alimentare Network, giving value to the efforts and results of each Regional Banco Alimentare organisation. It promotes the recovery and redistribution of food surpluses to charities, organises and manages the National Food Collection Day and other food drives, manages communication tools at a national level.


Following the example of the Barcelona’s Banco dos Alimentos, a group of friends decided to replicate the idea of a food bank to help people in need in Italy. On the 30th of March 1989 the launch of Fondazione Banco Alimentare becomes official following the encounter of two great personalities: Knight Danilo Fossati, President of Star, and Monsignor Luigi Giussani, Father of Comunione e Liberazione.

What makes the Banco Alimentare Network unique is its «foundational model». This regulates the relationships within the Network in order to safeguard the proposals of original Founders.

The four benefits of our activity:

  • Social: Food which is still perfectly edible is recovered and redistributed for free to charities, that in turn redistribute the food to people in need. 
    This way, charities can allocate their own resources to enhance their services.
  • Economic: Redistributing food surplus donated by companies results in the recovery of the economic value of the food,
    as well as in the reduction of costs for storage and disposal of such food to companies.
  • Environmental: Recovery of food surplus prevents the food from becoming waste, which also prevents wasting the energy, water and soil needed for production and disposal.
    This results in a reduction of the environmental impact of the food on climatic changes as it reduces the CO2 equivalent generated.
  • Educational: Banco Alimentare promotes and implements activities aimed at educating people on the importance of giving value to food and of not wasting it, as well as of raising awareness around the themes of poverty, food poverty, healthy diets and volunteering.